EuphoricMojo JM & UM Custom Guitars

16" Lower Bout - 20.3" Body Length - 25.5" scale
3.625" Body Depth At Heel - 4.5" Body Depth At Rear - Fingerstyle Neck Carve

The EuphoricMojo is a Grand Auditorium size guitar with a 16" lower bout dimension and a big voice. This body size is great for a multitude of player styles. It has that nice open low end, with a balance on note clarity and separation. Tonally, it is warm with a lively response, excellent volume and complex projection. A wide range of playing styles from strumming to intimate finger touch makes this a very versatile instrument.

The EuphoricMojo JM is the center located sound hole and may appeal to fingerstyle traditionalists, including those who may use thumb/finger pics.

The EuphoricMojo UM is the offset sound hole. This may appeal to players that want projection shifted towards the ears in the playing position.

celebrating 20 years of pederson custom guitars


EuphoricMojo JM & UM Specifications

  • East Indian Rosewood (or Mahogany Back and Sides)
  • Sitka Spruce or Cedar top
  • Mahogany laminated neck with walnut/maple accent stripes
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony headstock overlay
  • Ebony bridge
  • Ebony binding
  • Wood purflings
  • Non-cutaway
  • Slot bone saddle
  • Bone nut
  • 25.5" scale
  • Gotoh 510 Chrome tuners
  • Ameritage Case with ‘Pederson' logo and humidification system

Features & Options


I favor a "MICRO-multi-scale" guitar, with spreads of 1/4" to 1/2" (option) for a couple reasons. 1). To lessen the player's adjustment. 2). To maintain good tension in alternate tunings for a little "snappier" sound and feel. 3). When returning to standard tunings we won't "overload" the top.

Cut Away

I offer the Florentine cut away on all my models (option). The softer cut away is called the Venetian. I can do this one too, but nothing really says "boutique luthier-built" like the Florentine cut away. It just has a touch of class that I favor.

Neck Carve - Saddle Nut

I use my neck carving jig to carve my neck shafts. With this tool, I can consistently carve to my "Fingerstyle" carve. Its soft medium C with the shoulders relieved slightly. It's a perfect feel for the soloist type of player. The saddle string spacing is 2-1/4" and the nut is 1-25/32"

Arm Rest Bevel

Over the years I've experimented with different bevels and I've settled in on this one in the pictures, which is a Laskin/Ryan blend. I'll adopt it as a 'Pederson bevel'. This is form and function just knocking off the edge and then disappearing. I offer a cut away bevel too, that you see in the pictures.


Standard rosette is all wood ring with b/w purflings. Upgrades would include the abalone rings. I've also done some pretty intricate segmented rosettes and other very decorative rosette ideas.

Craftsmanship & Materials

As a professional luthier, I'm determined to deliver a guitar to you that is second to none in design, fit, and finish. I know how much expense goes into these instruments and how much they mean to the customer, so you will get the best of my skills at the very highest levels of luthiery.

Prices & Upgrades

The reasons people are interested in my guitars are the high level of originality, innovation and customization that can be done over a wide range of styles while maintaining a high level of quality and tone in these instruments. Below are a few things to consider adding to your guitar to truly make it a one in a million piece of history — an heirloom quality guitar. It's this rarity that draws people to choose options like these for their treasure guitars. I'd consider some of these to be signatures of my guitars and significant to landing the guitar I build for you in the heirloom category. I feel these are reasons why you're here.

Exotic & Figured Woods

This is the ultimate way to upgrade your Pederson Custom Guitar. Some of the finest examples of nature's greatest woods can be built into your custom guitar.

Custom Inlay

Your dream concepts of inlay can become a reality. I do all the inlay that you see on this site. I do it by hand because some things a machine just can't do what hand crafted can do. Inlay is a great way to customize your Pederson Custom Guitar.

Abalone Binding

I will hand apply your chosen wood purflings and abalone bindings. This option should not be overlooked to highlight the figured and exotic woods you've chosen in wood upgrades.

Signature Neck Laminations

The sheer beauty of this option is reason enough to upgrade. We also gain stability and stiffness when laminating the neck shaft woods. I choose seasoned wood for your upgrades.

Neck Detail

This is definitely a signature feature on my guitars. I've seen some simpler things done before, such as rectangles or simple lines. However, I feel I've pushed the envelope on this feature. In person, these are impressive to see. Set yourself apart with this rarity! I believe it's why you're here.

Pricing Options

  • Details Coming Soon